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Shipping Policy

We at Exilis Apparel are thrilled to offer shipping services to various regions around the globe. Below are our shipping rates and policies according to different geographical zones:

  • Green Region: Includes countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Poland. Shipping starts from $11, with free shipping on orders over $107.

  • Yellow Region: Encompasses destinations like the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Shipping begins at $11, with complimentary shipping for orders exceeding $107.

  • Orange Region: Covers areas such as Japan, the United States, and South Africa. Shipping is from $32, and orders over $160 are eligible for free shipping.

  • Pink Region: Features locations like Andorra, Madagascar, and the Seychelles. Shipping starts at $43, with orders over $214 qualifying for free shipping.

  • Red Region: Includes the Central African Republic and Mozambique. Shipping begins at $55, with free shipping available for orders over $320.

  • South Africa: As a special consideration, shipping starts at a lower rate of $3, with free shipping for orders over $106.

Delivery Times

We aim to get your Exilis Apparel orders to you as swiftly as possible. Shipping times will vary by region but generally fall within a 5 to 30-day window after dispatch. Rest assured, we will provide you with tracking information to monitor your order's journey to you.

Further Assistance

If you have questions or need more information about shipping to your region, our customer service team will be delighted to assist you.

We value your patronage and look forward to delivering the latest fashion directly to you.

Thank you for choosing Exilis Apparel, where style and global accessibility meet.

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